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HIV STD’s NSU and Safe Sex in Thailand

Private Clinics in Pattaya
There are numerous clinics in Pattaya offering treatment for STD’s, (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) as well as HIV testing. They are usually open from 9:00 am till 9:00 pm. It is surprising how many foolish foreigners take the risk of no protection during intercourse. The most common disease NSU (Non-Specific Urethritis), a urinary tract infection, will cost around 1,500 baht to eradicate. But the risk taken could cost you your life if you contract HIV. Medical researchers have determined that HIV is more easily transmitted when another STD is present. So cover up your fun tool. In Thailand the main mode of transfer of HIV is via heterosexual vaginal intercourse rather than anal sex or needle usage.

Highest Rate Of HIV Infection AIDS in Thailand
Northern Thailand has the highest rate of HIV infection. This could be due to the fact that the Thai men consider it unmanly to use a condom or just don’t have one at the time it is needed “Never mind it will be OK”. The working class Thai is not adept at organizing himself / herself. The Falang sex scene is located mainly in the South of Thailand and Falangs tend to be wise and use condoms. However a girl coming from the north to work in the Farang sex scene in the south could be unknowingly infected. If you cover up you should be safe. More than 50% of sex workers in Pattaya come from the North. In Thailand more than 30,000 people with HIV infection die annually. [Thai Health Ministry]

Has She Had Unsafe Sex?
Most sex working girls will be equipped with a condom or ask if you have a condom. Most will not want to have vaginal sex without a condom. A blowjob is a different story. If you insist that a girl should have sex without a condom you will be placing her in a compromising situation. She might say yes because she needs the money. Then you must think to yourself “With how many other men has she agreed to have unsafe sex?”

Should I Take Condoms To Thailand?
I advise you to get three condoms for every night you plan to stay in Thailand. If you have some left over at the end of your stay then you could give them to your favorite girl. If that is too difficult to consider then you could always give them to a FALANG (foreigner). A tube of Solution Gel might also be very useful. It will make you feel “strong”.

HIV Testing
Testing is available at the hospitals and clinics in Thailand. It is not expensive and the results come quickly. At one hospital in Bangkok on Rama IV it is free. However one negative HIV test doesn’t guarantee security. If she tests negative again six months down the road, and if you are certain you were her only sexual contact for those six months, you can then rely on the test results. Even though the risk of contracting HIV from man to woman is fairly low it is the other sexually transmitted diseases that are more easily acquired and that you need protection from.

Other STD’s
Unprotected sex leaves you open to several STD’s Hepatitis B and C will remain with you for life and could be life threatening. The tell tale sign is a yellowish tinge to the whites of the eyes. It is also an indication of HIV and cirrhosis of the liver. Herpes syphilis and venereal warts can be transmitted via skin-to-skin contact. Using a condom will reduce the odds of transmission. Be attentive. Warts, sores, redness, rashes, lumps & bumps, spots, or vaginal discharge are all indicators that something dangerous might be present. Something that could be passed on to you.

Another warning sign is a bad odor, signifying that an STD could be present. However the odor is not always present when your girl has just taken a shower.

Condom and Erection Gel
Erection Gel makes a condom feel almost like it is not there. You get hard quicker last longer and gain a more sensual feel. You also get to have safe sex.

Check Her
Some girls will often come out of the shower wearing a towel tightly wrapped around their slim body, quickly slip between the sheets, then disrobe. Don’t let their modesty or shyness prevent you from checking them out. Just check her in a playful or erotic manner. If you are uncertain of her sexual health condition then don’t take the risk. Tell her you think she has a problem and needs to go see a doctor. You could take a blowjob if the problem seems to be only at the vagina. It’s safer to receive than to give.

If you have already paid a bar fine then that’s just bad luck. Be happy that you are probably avoiding greater drama. Two weeks of abstinence in Pattaya is not what you came for.

Inside Her
Extract from Pattaya nightlife guide: What I Discovered Inside Her…….. “I guess I should be asking a doctor about this. However last week I took a short time in a bar in Soi Pattaya Land South Pattaya. The girl was pretty and talkative. When we were showering before the event she kept on chatting about how Thai girls are so diligent about cleaning their bodies and staying healthy.

Learn Thai
Pattaya nightlife guide
She must have cleaned her silk glove about three times squatting down and performing some cleaning ritual. When we got into the room and began our stuff on the bed I carried on with some foreplay around her recently well-flushed part.

After playing with the man in the boat, which she seemed to enjoy, I inserted a digit into the main impasse. As my head was between her legs I had a close up view of what was just inside.

There was a white balloon shape polyp-looking thing about half an inch in diameter. I asked her if she knew about it. She didn’t. She got her makeup mirror from her bag and took a look at it. She was startled and very concerned. Anyone ever seen this?

We decided not to have sex. I persuaded her to go to the clinic just a few doors up the Soi. But it was after 10 p.m. and the clinic was closed. She promised to go the next day. I went back to the bar two days later and they told me she hadn’t been to work for 2 days. I guess she really is concerned about her health.”

Bar Girl Check Policy
Most Go Go Bars require their girls to have regular check ups for STD’s. No check up, no work. Have problem, no work until the problem is fixed. Remember HIV doesn’t get fixed. Ah right that’s a life sentence. Some short time bars adopt the same check up policy. Usually the girl carries a checkup card. You can ask to see the card if it makes you feel better but don’t forget you are in Thailand and documents or cards like these can be bought.

Age Of Consent
What is the age of consent in Thailand? That is eighteen years. It is a serious offence to engage in sex with a girl under the age of consent even if she has consented. If a Thai girl insists she is eighteen or over but you think she looks too young and you are not sure of her age then ask to see her ID card. In some cases hooking up with a girl who is under age but doesn’t appear to be under age could land you in a scam.

Oral Sex
If you are an avid muff diver then avoid brushing or flossing your teeth shortly before sex. Your gums could be bleeding minutely and you will not notice. Blood helps the transfer process of HIV.


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